normally, i don’t use the voicemail feature. i have a feeling that sms is more than enough for sending message(s). also, i’m too lazy (as usual) to call in to listen to the message(s). however, i feel like playing today … so i record the following greeting message.

“for some unknown reason, i’m unavailable to take your call right now. send me some catchy sms or email if you really want to get my attention - and pray that it works. however, i don’t check my voicemail. but if you’re really desperate to talk to someone (or something), feel free to talk to the machine after the beep. oh, thanks for listening to all the shit i’ve just said. you’re so nice.”

those of the (hidden) readers who have my phone number, you don’t need to give it a try. i’ll be able to recite the message to you. :P