then & now

a hidden reader (i.e., a friend) has asked me for a reason for posting my messy room a couple of days ago. no, i didn’t want to display to the world how unorganized i was . the actual reason is i was planning to redo the room and the photos are for comparison.

after 2 days of eating dust … the moment has come … :)


[size=7]the big table was removed (becomes a TV stand), replace with some bigger table. i love big table.[/size]


[size=7]my books have been living in the boxes for the past 3 years. they deserve more than that. (some of the books got me thru college!)[/size]


[size=7]as mentioned above, the original big table. (boxes are gone coz books are out.)[/size]


[size=7]BIGGG table .. spacy, roomy .. me like![/size]


[size=7]a table .. with a view (from TV). :P[/size]


[size=7]actually, there are more boxes of books. but i think i’ll just get some of the essentials out.[/size]

now it’s time for me to start working seriously. :D

%(me)one thing, my room is TOO SMALL!%