the fridge .. revisted

today’s photo — the infamous stuff-it-all-in refrigerator at my place. :)


i’ve talked about this fridge a while ago. however, i think time doesn’t really matter since everything is almost exactly the same - just the way i described it back then. even the “water chestnuts” found their way back into the drawer. i can’t remember how many bags i threw away during the past couple of months.

there are 2 things that belongs to me in the fridge, a thousand island dressing and some butter. (there might be something else behind that pile of stuffs .. but i don’t really want to dig in there.)

oh .. according to the owner of the fridge, this is organized already. so who said my room is/was unorganized, please withdraw your statements. :)

may be i should start a ‘photo blog’ category .. may be not. :P

%(me)a friend asked: why ‘self talk’ wa~? what is ‘self talk’? … dear friend, ‘self talk’ is what other people call ‘diary’. hehehe …%