star fish .. revisited

a friend of mine has expressed to me that he doesn’t like the way i described pladao as a futile attempt . (unsurprisingly, he’s working at NECTEC.) oh well, isn’t it? — resistant is futile, my friend. :)

%(me)dude, at least i spent time downloading it out! how many home user actually does that?!?!%

anyway .. i’ve been casually using the new version for a while, i think it’s a little faster than the previous version. everything else is quite the same (maybe i’ve overlooked something). but i don’t really see any reason for one-point incrementation of the version number - 1.0 to 2.0. the “what’s new”: describes some bug fixes and a couple of additions. okay okay .. i haven’t done C++ for a while, but i think this one is more like a v1.5 — sowwie.

compatibility (with the giant), still some more works need to be done. some of my excel spreadsheets (those with VBA) are still not working.

overall performance, looking good.

%(me)a question arise: should i download it? - if you don’t have microsoft office and you don’t want to pay for it -> yes . - if you have microsoft office or planning to buy it but you want to try something else -> yes . - if you have microsoft office and you’re happy with it -> NO!

just my two cents …%