star fish number two

for those of you who want to support the futile attempt by thai organization to steal some market share from the big giant, pladao office v2.0 is out. point your browser to “”: and grab yourself a copy (~55MB). this one is based on the latest version of “openoffice”: (v1.0.2).

me got it out and installed it on my notebook already. wondering how long it will live in there … hmmm %(me)the previous 1.0 version lasted only 5 hours. ehehehe%

%(me)an unrelated note, cs internet has gone from the best ISP to shit already. traffic not going through, unable to resolve the domain name/ip, connection reset by peer, and all those basic ISP problems. give them a call and i’ve got a basic ISP response — ** “there’re some problems with the provider” ** … HELL YES! CS is the provider !%