i think i’m being too paranoid. or maybe i’m just having trouble in believing what i see (and hear).

there’re many “evidences” floating around regarding the recent space shuttle’s tragic accident - some claims to be from the camera on-board the shuttle, some even claims to be from the “inside sources” and some right from NASA. .. i don’t buy any of those. somehow, my brain is telling me that whatever i see can be easily “produced” (manufactured, faked or what ever words you feel comfortable with) these days. spending a nice amount of time on photoshop and anything can happen.

last night, colin powell went to the UN to present some “evidences” against iraq. he showed off some recordings, photos, graphics etc etc - trying to say that iraq has violate the agreement w/ the UN by trying to hide away the weapons of mass destruction (chemical, et al). i don’t believe him either. :P

nothing new in thai politics, the prime minister is still the same person (so nothing to talk about) — pity.