jap food

i’ve always wanted to put some photos on my little tbox. now, there’ll be LOTS OF photos on my tbox. :) … let’s start with food. i think the first time i felt that i like japanese food was during my first year in san francisco. friends and i went to an all-you-can-eat japanese restaurant called natori . after i had my own transportation, i found one called miyake , located right around stanford u. and the addiction began …


the appertizer .. i still don’t know why they call this ‘california maki’. is it the touch of seafood? (then why not ‘seattle maki’???)


now the entree .. a bento set. notice the blank plate by the side of the box. cali maki used to live in there. eheheh %(me)that’s 5 minutes after the first shot was taken.%

still missing one of my favorite, futo maki. i order that next time (and hopefully, i will bring the camera with me.)

%(me)by the way, i’ve got calls from 3 different friends today. when i picked up the other end said, “มีงรับทำไมวะ กูจะฟังที่มึงพูด” … i thought i said DON’T CALL to listen to the message!!! her~%