i(the note)Book

my experience with apple computer (as a company, not equipment) hasn’t been so good in the past. i bought my first power macintosh about 7 years ago. after 31 days , the price dropped in half. so sad …

%(me)some stores in the US have this price-change-refund policy. if the price changes within 30 days , the store will refund the difference.%

now i’m back in the “30-days-hope-nothing-change” period again. hopefully, apple will not make any drastic changes to the ibook series soon. or i’ll be heart-broken again. :’(

%(me)anyway, i like my ibook. so happy to be back on the mac again. heheheh .. :D%

oh, the new 12” powerbook is nice too. but i don’t really like the way it looks. and, more important thing, the price is kinda off my budget already. kikiki