"Why do you write in English?"

A friend asked me that question a moment ago (as well as “ป้ากุ๊ก”:http://littlehen.evilgodzilla.com a couple of days ago). He said he’s too lazy to translate and he did make a threat of not coming to read my TBox anymore.

Uhh, friend .. the reason is simple. See, I haven’t written anything (seriously) in English for a very long period of time. In combination with the chatting English I always use on IM, my writing skill has become dimished. I need practice. (and I need to practice!)

My spoken English is still okay though. I talk to myself in English. :)

%(me)Dear Friend! Don’t leave my TBox. I hardly have any reader(s) already. Beside, you have just got your second Master degree. Your English should be a lot better than mine! (Congratulation on the recently acquired degree too.) People at MIT got defroze yet? I shouldn’t ask. eieieieie … :P%