foul play?

i still can’t get over this “dead cat in the backyard”. from my understanding, cats normally wouldn’t let anyone see when they die. i mean, they tend to die privately, hidden from sight. but this cat is in one of the big the planting pot (กระถางต้นไม้) - clearly in sight. maybe the cat is too sick to find the private spot i’m suspecting a foul play. somebody is poisoning the cats! %(me)seriously% may be mrs. mom is the culprit. she was always complained about the smell the cats left behind. that’s the motive! %(me)okay, this one i am kidding .%

and yes, CSI .. i miss CSI. i had a chance to see the the first season. UBC hasn’t aired the next one yet. hopefully soon. (there’ll also be a thai CSI series, not surprisingly, called สืบจากศพ. i think it’s quite obvious that the series are based on the book by หมอพรทิพย์.)