Cool Gifts

Holiday season is right around the conner and people start doing their shopping already. I don’t think I’ll be doing any shopping this year but I think I’ll do online window shopping (i.e., browing around) anyway, for old times’ sake. :P

I decided to drop by “”: to look for some cool new gadgets. Sure enough, I did find something. Let me share them with you.

“Capppuccino TX-3”: … This thing is a very compact Pentium III 1.2GHz computer. First look, I thought the black pad on top is a coffee mug warmer (utilizing heat from the CPU). Obviously I was wrong, the thing is a speaker. :)

“Roll-up Keyboard”: … This one is really cool. It’s a typical full-sized keyboard - with a twist, literally. I’m not sure about the tactile response from the keyboard but it goes together quite well with the little PC above. As usual, when it comes to coolness (cool-factor) — usability doesn’t really matter. :P

“Workstation Light”: … For those of you who like working in the dark (like myself), this lamp is for you. Not only it looks cool, it can also safe your eyes. The description indicates that the indirect lighting from the lamp helps reducing glare on your computer screen. Unfortunately, the lamp only available in 120V.

And let’s end with something comfy (supposingly), “a pillow”: and “a blanket”: … I know, these things look so geeky — but hey, I’m a computer scientist! :)

[~11:45A] It was cold yesterday. It **is hot ** (again) today. I guess it’s summer already. :P