Nasty Bug

Oh lord .. Hehheh ..

I was greeted this morning with a nasty calendar bug (wish I’ve unintentionally created) that quite freak me out. %(me)seeing 30 lines of error message is very scary% :P That’s not a good ‘first thing to see’ when after you woke up. Anyway, it’s been fixed.

I once had a dream that I created a bug (again, unintentionally) and unable to kill it. If you’re not a programmer, you don’t know how ‘bad and scary’ that kind of dream can be. It could mean the end of my career!!! Heheheh ..

By the way, got any candy to share? :D

I think the timezone thing on the server has been fixed too. It’s not supposed to change according to DST because it’s ICT (which stands for Indo-China Time). But that’s another issue, the government is doing some sort of study to determine whether they (we!) should adjust our time to match the one in Singapore (-1 hour). I think I’ve mentioned this before.

[5AM+] After fixing the bug, I decided to fix myself a coffee. Somehow, I spilled too much coffeemate into the cup. So now I’m having ‘cream with coffee’ not coffee with cream! sheez.

[5:50AM] Now what … The time of this post supposed to be 4:51AM … how come it’s 5:52AM … arkkkk!