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“nong noiz”: ‘s saying that

bq.. … the majority of the people who have blogs about news and stuff like that are young male who are, generally speaking, anti-government/ anti-establishment/ anti-hierarchy/ anti-authoritatian/ anti-(famous) journalism/ etc… That sort of fits your profile pretty well, don’t you think…?


eieieie … that is so me ! :)

well, seriuously, i’m not quite sure about the anti-establishment and anti-(famous) journalism part -but- the rest of them are bull’s-eye !

  • i almost forgot that i have put in the __ quote __ feature in my code.
  • i think i like trebuchet (font) already.
  • i was going to say “8 more days” on nong noiz’s site, but i realized that is count as a comment. :P