Update ๆ

Hellooo+ PPL! Haven’t been to my own Thoughts Box for awhile. But I guess nobody really misses me. :P During my absence, I spent most of the time fixing (rebuild) my Linux server and some precious moment (4am - around 8am) fixing myself. I think I’m healthy again. Happy Happy.

There’re so many things to talk about the server. However, I don’t think most of you guys will understand any part of it — so I’ll skip that. (Mind you, MY server is not the one macsf.net hosted on. I use it locally at home - so, don’t try hacking macsf.net to get o MY server.)

The gas price in Thailand is now soaring. It went up 30 satangs last week and I think it just goes up again today. DAMN da BUSH! (No! He has NO probable causes to plan an attack on Iraq!)

Other thing, FLOODING all over the upper part of Thailand. I’m not even sure what cause it because there’s no moonsoon or depression near by. The flooding looks really bad. I’m now left to wonder when will the water (or the flooding) arrive Bangkok.

Go play with the server ดีกว่า แล้วเดี๋ยวพรุ่งนี้ (ถ้าไม่ลืม) ค่อยมาเขียนเรื่อง TB … กิกิกิ

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