To Strike -or- Not To Strike

News and media in Thailand have been analyzing whether Bush will strike Iraq or not for days (may be weeks) - talking about how mad the US is, the readiness of the troops, the weaking of Iraq caused by the long sanction, etc etc. I hardly see people talk about the new restructuring that the THAI government is going to start using next month. It looks to me like the news people are trying to promoting the campaign -or- (once again) they just want to sell the news.

Other thing, dear Mr. Prime Minister has announced a couple of days ago that Thailand is looking forward to “peace” not “war”. Remember last September (when Bush wanted to strike Afganistan)? This same PM stated that Thailand will NOT be on either side of the war. But when Bush said, “either be with us or with them” — the PM picked side. (wisely, I supposed.) How can people trust this man to run the country?

Whining .. whining .. that’s me.

(Oh, the question is not “will he order the strike or not” [size=smaller](the answer to this one is, he has already did - one year ago around today.)[/size] but the question should be “when will the first bomb be dropped on Iraq”.