speaking english-sheee

[size=smaller]It has been so long since the last time I wrote something up in English. Or have I ever written something in English up here? Sheez! Even worse, I have 0 (zero) chance of practicing English in my brain (or thinking in English, that is!). So right now, my bad English is at the bad-er state than ever! Hehehehe.. Guess now is a good time to embarass myself up here. :)

Many people I know, friends and family members, have gone (or are going) away for “another degree”. Many of them plan to acquire a second degree. Some of them are looking forward to a third. One, in particular, is hoping for a forth M.Sc. (The last one is so special, she already has one M.A. and one M.Sc. However, she has no intention to get a Ph.D. Weird…). Why do they need so many degrees? Why they have to go abroad? Why did I go to San Francisco in the first place? Ohh.. So many Why-s today. :P

Anyway, I can’t see the purpose of me getting a Master degree yet. I can’t really come up with enough reasons to drag myself to apply for the course. I guess one B.Sc. is enough for me already. Anyway, I’ve talked about my opinion regarding Graduate Studies once in the Thai version of my Thoughts, so I’ll skip this one. (Glad, aren’t you!)

Enough whining for today, I guess. I should begin writing/ commenting/ analyzing stuffs in English, shouldn’t I. It’s kinda fun. :)[/size]