The Economist's Survey and My Take on the Current Situation

[size=8]Should I avoid talking about politics for the time being in order to prevent myself from becoming a political prisoner? I think it is unlikely that the goddamned Prime Minister (or any of his believers) will read my daily thoughts. But to keep myself happy and healthy, let’s talk about “The Economist”: ‘s survey![/size]

[size=8] %(rem)The whole article can be found at The Economist website and as usual I’ll provide you with the link to it! :) And here is the article, “A New Order”: %

I was lucky enough to have my hands on the forbidden survey done by “The Economist”: which was published in the Febuary 28th issue. I still don’t know the reason(s) why the police (or the government?) is so scared of allowing this controversial issue to be sold in Thailand. No, the government didn’t ban the magazine but the police gave out a warning statement to the publisher, saying that if the issue posts any thread to the stability of the country, the publisher and the reporters will be dealt with the same way FEER has received. So the publisher decided to pull the magazine out from Thai’s view, just to play it safe.

%(rem)Before I forget, the police has made an announcement, stating that FEER hasn’t done anything wrong . And whattaheck was that about cancelling the VISA & stuff?!?%

I haven’t finished reading the whole article just yet. So I cannot give you the overall tone of the survey. But from what I have read so far (3 out of 7), the article points the arrow directly at the Prime Minister - Thaksin Shinnawatra (who else!). That is, undoubtedly, the reason why the police (again, or the government or Thaksin himself, to be exact) is so scared of letting the magazine circulates in the country.

Right now, Thaksin’s biggest concern is not the foreigners’ point of view. Instead, he needs to direct all Thais to the same understanding — “Thaksin is clean, efficient and the only person who can save Thailand”. Is that so?

No matter what he says about the good rating he’s got from the TRT’s own poll, the outside situation doesn’t seem to indicate as claimed. More and more people start voicing their concern regarding the way he denies knowledge of many controversial events (he used to know everything that is going on in Thailand, if you recalled). Many also talk about the way this government treats both Thai and foreign media/press. Even the idea of impeachment rally (50,000 signatures to kick the PM out of the office) has came up all over the internet.

I don’t think it is too late for Thaksin to fix what he has done wrong. Still, many people are ready to overlook and forget some of the undesirable things he has done (but I’m not one of those people!). The only problem right now, he’s not ready to swallow his own words . In fact, I believe he will never do that. But I still hope that we don’t have to come to the last resource, the people’s power .

Mister Prime Minister, you are the weakest link! [/size]

[size=7]The above message is based on my opinion (that’s why I call it my daily thoughts ). I’m not influence by any political or any other group of people.[/size]