language(s) …

something just came up into my mind … it has been so long since the last time i really write something in english . i think this is a good time to start “messing up” the language(s) even more — by mixing both (or more) languages into my diary. this should be fun … heheheh … :p

anyway, got a call from my little sister this evening — she’ll not go to hua hin with me next month … because she’s going to another trip with her friends. welp, understandable … just wondering, is there a boyfriend among those friends? … eheheh … i’ll have to ask next time i call her!

anyway (second one), i’ve just finished the new color theme for the diary (as you might notice) … i like this one, love the “blue” tone. then again, as i always say, website development is a “never-done” kinda job. so, expect changes … heheh …

gotta go … i think i’ve adapted to south-eastern asia standard time (GMT+7) … i’ve been going to bed “a lot” earlier than usual lately. i’m excited — because it took me almost a year and a half to adapt! … :tired:

see ya!

ps. storythai จะกลับมาไหมเนี่ย … มีใครรู้บ้าง … หุ ๆๆๆ